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    Two Arrested for Kidnapping Boy, Demanding Bitcoin Ransom

    Two people have been arrested for kidnapping a teenage boy and demanding a bitcoin ransom. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN.com: Two people have been arrested by police in Mpumalanga, South Africa in...

    Dow Creeps Higher, Bitcoin Price Avoids ETF-Fueled Collapse

    The Dow crept higher on Thursday, while the bitcoin price held firm in the face of bearish ETF news. | Source: Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP By CCN.com: Neither the Dow Jones nor the...

    Is Bitcoin’s Printing Press Propping up the Crypto Market?

    Is Bitcoin-related inflation doing the heavy lifting in propping up the...

    Crypto is Worthless, Fails Basic Financial Tests: Bank of England Adviser

    Huw van Steenis alleges that crypto is worthless since it fails the test of money. | Source: Bloomberg/YouTube By CCN.com: Legacy banks are not worried about crypto because it has no value...

    10 Years Ago Today, Hal Finney Started ‘Running Bitcoin’

    Hal Finney is one of the people many suspected to be Satoshi Nakamoto. A long-time cryptographer and cypherpunk, Finney was the first person ever to receive a Bitcoin transaction. From Satoshi Nakamoto....

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