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Decentralized video sharing platform Viuly is aiming to become a better video platform than standard centralized video platforms like Youtube and Vimeo. It eliminates the need for an intermediary services provider in between and thus no need for heavy commissions or fees for the native platform and thus a more competitive video content market.

But, for the platform to become a truly effective option for the masses, the Viuly team needs to engage people especially from the crypto community in their endeavour. Recently, the lead team announced that the platform will take part in Block O2O conference in Hong Kong and Fintech O2O. With increased exposure for the world, the team hopes to build on the success of the startup after the initial Alpha launch.

The Conferences

Block O2O and Fintech O2O are premier conferences held to accommodate engineers, innovators, regulators and financers from around the world to discuss the future of the Blockchain Technology. This year the summit was attended by over 100 speakers and 1800 delegates from around the world.

The summit took place in PMQ, the fashion and entertainment designated area in Soho, Hong Kong on 8 and 9 May this year.

Viuly will be represented by Igor Glavatskiy, Zahid Ali and Andrei Druta. The team presented the ideas in closed meetings and the conference itself and outlined the objectives for the future of the Viuly platform for the next four months and educated the audience on the future of their promising platform.

Participants had the opportunity to see the video sharing platform and meet with the top-of-the-line Blockchain developers involved in the process. The team also appreciated the audience for their interest in the development of the Viuly platform.

Meeting with OKEx

OKEx cryptocurrency exchange is the strategic partner of Viuly platform that enlisted the VIU tokens as a first. The Viuly team also met with OKEx professionals and deliberated on the future course of action of the valuable partnership.

Content on Viuly

Viuly uses Blockchain Technology and decentralization in its true spirit on its platform. With it, Viuly aims to become a smarter, cheaper and faster portal for sharing videos and allowing monetization of the visual content. Thousands of videos are already available on Viuly and the company is partnering with content creators to post them on the new platform. More than 76.000 channels are operational on the sharing platform with one million users.

To appeal to the attention of the crypto community, in addition to a token sale, Viuly also airdropped 20 VIU tokens for every 1 ETH holder in one of the biggest airdrop campaigns in history.

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