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Kora introduces the blockchain platform, giving financial products, services and inclusion

Kora, a company dedicated to unlocking growth in emerging markets, introduces the Kora Network, a blockchain platform built to provide a more inclusive financial system. In terms of both funds raised and progress towards product/market fit, it is the most successful blockchain project out of Africa.

Kora’s founder and CEO, Dickson Nsofor, quickly understood the positive impact Blockchain technology could have for those with limited access to financial services and decided to develop a solution to provide opportunities to change those people’s lives for the better. The Kora Network is a platform that provides access to the financial tools people need to unlock sustainable growth within their communities.

On May 18, they opened their Token Sale to the public, and in just 10 days, Kora reached it’s hard-cap of $12 million. FBG Capital, one of the largest blockchain VC’s in Asia led the investment in Kora, along with Nirvana Capital, Rootscap, and other major crypto funds. Aeternity, a strategic partner, has also invested through their fund Aeternity Ventures.

Kora is poised to take centre stage again as it goes live on exchanges from July 5th. UEX, a leading trading platform, is the first in the wake of other exchanges to list the token. Kora surpassed market expectations by closing its token sale in 10 days, raising USD 12 million in the process. The general market consensus is that Kora is one of the few promising projects of 2018 that will survive the bearish trends in the market.

For Dickson Nsofor, the CEO of Kora, the sky’s the limit. “The Token Sale is just the first step in achieving our vision. When I think of the future of Kora, there is a lot of work to be done, and I’m happy to be supported by an amazing team, partners, and investors.”

About Kora

Kora was founded by Dickson Nsofor in 2017. Kora provides an infrastructure for an inclusive financial system built on the blockchain. The Kora Network will provide access to Identity, Secure Storage, Money Transfer, & Marketplaces on a low cost, universally accessible platform via a mobile app, enabled by blockchain technology.

Kora Bounty Program

Join our bounty program and become part of the thriving Kora community!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Bounty Program, which will run from June 28th until July 12th. This will be an exciting and innovative program that is full of rewards and surprises. Best of all, participation is easy!

Below is a list of all possible bounties available to you, and you can choose which to participate in depending on your interests and abilities. All tokens will be rewarded after the bounty is closed on July 12th.