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Gabrotech, a startup working on disrupting the rewards industry using blockchain, has announced that an official patent has been filed by them for their blockchain based solution.

Gabrotech is working on finding a unique solution for Merchants, Institutional buyers, loyalty program operators and customers so as to facilitate a smooth, transparent and secured execution of loyalty programs. Merchants will stand to gain by improved targeting, as Gabro will issue their branded tokens only to the desired target segment, Institutions will benefit due to higher and fewer accruals, larger open system will reduce the customer acquisition cost for Loyalty program operators and customers will enjoy managing multiple reward points using a single window.

The biggest challenge facing the 250 BN USD loyalty rewards market is redemption of rewards points from multiple sources. Integrating the whole ecosystem using decentralization and facilitating reward and redemption of loyalty rewards can help address all the issues of this industry. Operators are not very fair or transparent in execution of loyalty rewards program, which creates a negative customer experience for customers. This leads to brand dilution for companies and dissatisfaction for the customers. Gabrotech plans to tap into a big market and has begun with use of right tools and technology to execute the same.

Building such a solution requires strong technical skills and capabilities. The team at Gabrotech has the right mix of Blockchain, Loyalty and Customer care experts who are working day and night to create a comprehensive solution. Their efforts have shown results as Gabro has successfully filed a patent for their own Blockchain based loyalty rewards solution. Gabrotech already has strong partnerships with companies like Deloitte, Adpost, China Unicon and Espeo blockchain. Team Gabro plans to become a digitial wallet of choice for the Ethereum community in Asia. Future plans include expanding over the globe with better adoption from Merchants and users.

Gabro digital wallet 2.0 is the key interface for all customers and will be made available on iOS and Google App stores. It will permit reward points from 15 different Airlines and hotels and storage of different currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Centra, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash and Monero.

We will keep you posted on the progress made by Gabrotech in executing their dream of creating a decentralized, transparent and secured ecosystem for the Loyalty Rewards Points market

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