By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboMarkets

The most interesting event this month in the US is the famous Black Friday, the day of large discounts, which is on Nov 23. On this day, Americans make 45% of all their annual purchases. The US economy is doing well compared to other countries, with the Fed hiking the rates in order to cool the markets down. The unemployment rate is at its record lows, which means people have money, and there’s going to be much hype about the Black Friday as usual. With this scenario, a few companies may show great potential during Q4. First, there’s e-commerce that is a very strong competition against offline stores. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is the leader here, with the market cap of $1T. In Q3, Amazon made a record high when it comes to quarterly earnings. However, the chart shows it is Q4 that is going to be the most profitable for the company.

Unluckily, after the Q3 report, the price was unable to reach new highs. Investors’ expectations were higher than the data that came out, which led to the share price going down. However, Amazon did make profit, and there’s a good trend in it. Furthermore, Amazon management expects to book the record profit in Q4 2018. In October, we analyzed Amazon and said the company stock is going to trade at around $1,400. It is now trading at its low at $1,476, however, and is above the 200-day SMA. When the price goes below $1,700, the volumes get much higher, according to the chart. Thus, this may be the support the price may start recovering from.

If the earnings expectations are met, Amazon may well rise above the round number of $2,000. Another large company that may get nice profits is eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY), which is mostly centered around e-commerce, too. The profits are good here, while the stock price leaves much to be desired.

Still, eBay incomes are rising quarter to quarter. According to the expectations, Q4 is going to be the most profitable in the recent few years.

Over 2018, eBay stock went down by nearly 30%. Perhaps, the reason for that is the increasing debt, with the debt to equity ratio now being 1.11, while, for Amazon, it is just 0.63. Technically, the stock went down till November last year, too, while after the Q4 report it traded at its highs. This time, the stock looks somewhat weaker than before, and may only reach $36 or so.

Walmart, an offline store chain, may also be included into this list, as this company is sure to get good profits thanks to Black Friday sales. Nevertheless, while eBay and Amazon shares corrected before Q4, Walmart is rising and is trying to break out its record highs made a year ago. Walmart earnings, like internet giants’ ones, are sure to be sensitive to the sales before Xmas.

The company reports its earnings on Thursday, and they are expected higher than the same quarter last year. The income is visibly growing up, and the record highs for Q4 earnings expectations are quite logical. Walmart has been recently going up thanks to large hedge funds positions, with around 52 funds now including this stock into their portfolios.

Technically, as said before, the stock is quite strong. The price is currently above the 200-day SMA, showing good growth and ready to hit new record highs. As for the entry, it’s hard to determine the risk. The nearest support levels are $100 and $90, and once the price reaches either, it could be a good entry point for the next few months.



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